Family preservation is described as strengthening families to keep them together as far as possible.

The following are core family preservation beliefs:

  • Families are resilient: It means that no matter how troubled they are, they can address their needs.
  • Keeping families together: Children or vulnerable family members need families and development best with the loving support of families.
  • Respecting families: We believe in the worth and dignity of each family members. Families have the right to speak for themselves.

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How does the CMR help?

  • When we receive an intake, we invite the family to come for an interview with all members as far as possible.
  • We give them an opportunity to talk about the distress they are experiencing.
  • The family and children are offered help such as family counseling/assessment and therapy to children and family members.
  • We may refer them to other professionals should our own therapy unit not be available.
  • An action plan is formulated with the family to facilitate positive outcomes.
  • Should the child have to be removed, all children’s court procedures are explained.
  • We get help from a place of safety parents or foster parents for the child on a temporary basis.

How you can help!

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Any Volunteers? We can’t do the work without our volunteers who has been supporting us for many years.


We believe that dynamic partnerships with the private sector are essential to solving complex social welfare challenges.


Whether it is blankets, canned goods, clothing, toys or vehicles you have to give – We are always in dire need of any extra goods to help others where we can.

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