CMR Gauteng-Oos Pasella Pakkies

The CMR Gauteng-Oos is seeking industry and community partners to help to sustain and maintain the CMR ‘PasellaPakkies’ project.


Since the CMR is still one of the very few welfare organisations which provide food to the community they serve; we identified an opportunity to leverage this service offered by CMR community offices. We strive to create a positive perception of the CMR Gauteng-Oos within the marketplace and community we serve ensuring a bond within our communities.


To establish an overall sub-brand within the CMR Gauteng-Oos by designing a recognizable logo to communicate ‘PasellePakkies’ to the corporate markets and to the communities we serve.

The Message

Although CMR Gauteng-Oos one of the very few welfare organisations are that provide food to the community it is not all we do and not our core existence. The CMR Gauteng-Oos is passionate about children therefore our core value offer is to protect the children within our community. We are a registered Child- and Family Protection Organisation. All families in need to make an appointment with the social worker and certain criteria are followed to give the necessary help. This will prevent that person from becoming dependent on their service and are empowered to reach their individual and unique potential.


Our Needs

  1. We are in need to collect food stock (non-perishable food) which can be distributed to the community offices.
  2. Financial donations to purchase fresh products and dry goods


To create awareness for the CMR Gauteng-Oos through media exposure with the launch of “ Pasella Pakkies” as the feeding scheme brand.

Target Audience

Corporate Organisations, churches and individuals who would like to get involved in “PasellaPakkies” making a difference and impact on children’s lives.


Community Newspaper, CMR Gauteng-Oos website and wide coverage on social media.

The secretary may be contacted at 012 3614613/19 for any deliveries, but people can also deliver any ‘PasellaPakkie’

Project Ambassador

Ghapi is our brand ambassador 

Delivery Address

430 Quebec Street

Faerie Glen



Value Offer

  • Article 18A in the case of any financial donations
  • BEE Certificate level 4
  • Media coverage

WHAT IS A ‘PasellaPakkie’?

A ‘PasellaPakkie’ is any type of non-perishable food or beverage parcel




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