Story of Hope

Jun 10, 2021 | Stories of Hope

My sister and I went to stay with different maternal aunts after our parents started to have financial problems.

The Children’s Court Inquiry was finalized and I was placed with my maternal aunt and her husband in a different province. I went to visit my parents from time to time but were returned to my aunt on private arrangement.

After my foster parents got divorced the placement failed and I was placed in safe care with Mr and Mrs Z (not related).

Mrs Z, sent me to be professionally assessed by a social worker. The social worker’s report stated that I was exposed to family violence, alcohol abuse and possible sexual games in our house.

I was then assessed again and for the first time I could open up and tell the truth.   I confirmed that it was true. I had to mention that my elder brother sexually molested me, I told my mother but she ignored it.

I maintained an average of 80% at school and enjoyed a lot of different sport activities. I was comfortable with my placement and have a strong bond with my new family and feel that I belong.

I have contact with my mother via phone calls but do not feel comfortable with physical contact.

With all the support from my foster parents, the social worker and my new family, I finished matric a year ago and are now studying at Potchefstroom University.

I see a bright future for myself.

Foster care includes stability, a better support system for the child, and the foster parents making a difference.