Story of Hope

May 31, 2021 | Stories of Hope

This is my story….

My biological father does not have contact with me and his current whereabouts are unknown. My mother refuses to share information about my biological father.

My mother got married again. I was removed from their care. My parents both abused drugs and we were also exposed to drugs.

I was abused in to such an extent, that when I was “naughty”, my parents would not give me food. We were then placed in temporary safe care and later placed in foster care. These placements have been challenging.

I experienced developmental difficulties, being severally traumatized and there are ongoing conflict between my foster parents and my parents.

The conflict between my foster parents and biological parents has calmed down, due to the fact that the social workers made it clear that contact will take place through the professionals.

My placement however, have been successful up to date. I don’t know what my future holds in for me but I will keep on praying that somehow I will be happy as a grown-up.

Some abusers never leave external marks. However if you could see the marks they leave on our souls, you would recoil in horror.

  • Anonymous